Extract from my training diary November 1979

I think I trained quite hard as a young lad, but no more than my contemporaries as far as I remember. I’m sure some trained even harder. So here is an extract from my diary aged 17. The Sunday before this I had finished 64th in the Mike Sully Cross Country race.

Date AM PM
Monday 5/11 3 mile steady run on hilly roads 5 mile steady run on flat roads. Played squash in the evening
Tuesday 6/11 5 mile fartlek on flat roads. 12 efforts 3 mile steady run over very hilly roads
Wednesday 7/11 3 mile steady run on hilly roads 5 mile hard run on flat roads
Thursday 8/11 3 mile hard run on flat roads 12 hill efforts on Dapps Hill. Plus 2 miles warm up and down
Friday 9/11 Rest 3 mile hard run over hilly roads
Saturday 10/11 10 mile steady run over hilly roads Rest
Sunday 8/11 3 mile easy run 8 mile steady run over hilly roads

Total mileage for the week was recorded as 55. I also recorded everything I ate and the estimated number or calories I consumed. All I can say is that I ate a lot of cake!

The following week I finished 3rd in the Bath and Wansdyke cross country championships and a few weeks later I finished 16th in the Gwent League cross country, which I noted was my best cross country run of the year so far.

I would like to see how this compares to the 17 year old runners of today.




Classic Running – First Blog

Hi to all you runners out there

Through this site I will blog about some of my past running experiences in the form of short stories, extracts from my training diaries, photos and old news/magazine articles.   I hope they will give an insight into what it was like to be a runner in the 70’s/80’s/90’s, arguably the greatest days for British distance running.

In-between the  nostalgia I will intersperse some of my coaching tips, post references to interesting and educating articles and comment on present day happenings in the running world.

I have long given up chasing personal bests for myself, but hopefully through this blog/website I can help others get the PB they are striving for.