Extract from my training diary November 1979

I think I trained quite hard as a young lad, but no more than my contemporaries as far as I remember. I’m sure some trained even harder. So here is an extract from my diary aged 17. The Sunday before this I had finished 64th in the Mike Sully Cross Country race.

Date AM PM
Monday 5/11 3 mile steady run on hilly roads 5 mile steady run on flat roads. Played squash in the evening
Tuesday 6/11 5 mile fartlek on flat roads. 12 efforts 3 mile steady run over very hilly roads
Wednesday 7/11 3 mile steady run on hilly roads 5 mile hard run on flat roads
Thursday 8/11 3 mile hard run on flat roads 12 hill efforts on Dapps Hill. Plus 2 miles warm up and down
Friday 9/11 Rest 3 mile hard run over hilly roads
Saturday 10/11 10 mile steady run over hilly roads Rest
Sunday 8/11 3 mile easy run 8 mile steady run over hilly roads

Total mileage for the week was recorded as 55. I also recorded everything I ate and the estimated number or calories I consumed. All I can say is that I ate a lot of cake!

The following week I finished 3rd in the Bath and Wansdyke cross country championships and a few weeks later I finished 16th in the Gwent League cross country, which I noted was my best cross country run of the year so far.

I would like to see how this compares to the 17 year old runners of today.





  1. Hi Wayne,
    Being so much younger than yourself i know this isn’t totally relevant to your request! But I thought it would be fun to see what I was doing for the exact same week as you as a 16 year old in 1979 after the Mike Sully xc at which I finished 13th in the Youths race which I have recorded as Sunday the 4th.
    Monday – 9 miles – Brisk
    Tues – 6 miles – steady
    Wed – am: 20x 20 sec hills. pm: 6x 90 sec hills. Total 7 miles
    Thurs – 5 miles steady
    Fri – 6 miles easy/steady
    Sat – 5 miles – first half steady second half hard
    Sun – 6 miles – steady

    PS I do have the following years (ie 17 y.o.) diary somewhere.

    1. Hi Geoff,
      Good to hear from you. That’s very interesting, would like to know how that compares to youngsters of today. 2 hill sessions in one day, never seen that before. Like me, you didn’t take a rest day either.

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